My Digital Closet

Hi Everyone! A few years back, I started looking at closet organizer apps so I could create a digital closet to inventory my clothes. After downloading and trying a few different apps on my android phone, I decided to go with ClosetSpace. Although it may lack some features I want, it pretty much does what … Continue reading My Digital Closet


Knixwear Underwear | Review & Info

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This does not affect my opinion of their products. I became an affiliate because I love Knixwear products. Hi Everyone! I first heard of Knixwear a few years ago and in 2016 when my sister was getting married, I wanted to get a seamless underwear so I wouldn't be … Continue reading Knixwear Underwear | Review & Info

My Makeup Desk Reveal!


Hi Everyone!

I finally got around to cleaning up my makeup desk so that I could take pictures of it to show you. My room now looks like an IKEA catalog (Every large piece of furniture except my bed, a bookcase and chair is from IKEA).

Scroll to the bottom to see my new desk setup!

I have two desks in my room, the Micke Desk that I originally bought as my makeup desk is now my ‘office’ desk and I am using my old desk (tabletop and two legs plus drawer unit on one side) from school as my makeup desk. It’s also better that I use my old desk that’s already scratched up because I don’t have any glass to protect the tabletop and I would keep having to wipe the Micke desk to keep it pristine and white. My old tabletop already has scratches and…

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You’re Invited to a Stella & Dot Online Trunk Show!

Hi Everyone! Stella & Dot is a boutique-style company that sells jewellery, accessories (bags, sunglasses, sarongs), and clothing. They have so many gorgeous pieces and different looks to suit everyone's style. I'm hosting an online trunk show and you're invited! You can get exclusive trunk show offers by "attending my trunk show." If you spend … Continue reading You’re Invited to a Stella & Dot Online Trunk Show!