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Welcome to my blog! I’m Jen, a twenty-something Canadian girl. I love makeup, Pinterest and food. I started this blog writing about everything: my life, food, arts & crafts, travel, beauty and random thoughts. A year after starting the blog, I realized what I love to write about most: beauty. So, I started a new blog dedicated to all things beauty → JenCat Beauty. This blog focuses on my life, style, entertainment, adventures, travels and food (with the occasion repost from my beauty blog).

I am an ambassador and affiliate for multiple companies and I have personally tried products from each brand. I wouldn’t endorse a brand unless I have tried it myself. For Simple Glam Girls and GummiBand, I have a discount code, but I don’t receive any commission. For brands that I am an affiliate, I receive a small commission when you make a purchase using my link.

I am an ambassador for Simple Glam Girls. They sell makeup tools (brushes and sponges). Their oval brush sets are incredibly soft and definitely worth their price. Use my code JENCAT to get 20% off your order!

I am a Contributor for GummiBand (which is basically the same as an ambassador). They sell hair cords (the ones that don’t cause dents in your hair!). Use code ‘BONUS38‘ to receive 2 extra GummiBands with the purchase of a 4-cord pack. Read my review for the hair cords.

I am an affiliate for Stella & Dot Jewelry. They sell gorgeous pieces. Check out my haul.

I am an affiliate for Knixwear. I absolutely love their seamless underwear.

Check out my Knixwear review!

I am an Influenster and, on occasion, I will receive free VoxBoxes to review products. Unless I have disclosed that I received something for free, all products I review were purchased with my own money. All opinions I share are my honest opinion. Receiving any free samples does not affect my opinions on any products.

In order to protect the privacy of my family and friends, I will be using letters when I refer to them.

In case you were wondering, here is a list of people I’ve mentioned so far:

  • Mom – M
  • Dad – D
  • sister – C
  • brother-in-law – DW
  • grandma – gma
  • other family members – LW, SW, KC
  • friends – KH, YH, BM, KN, KV

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