My 2017 Mid-Year Workout Challenge

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe it’s August already! Where has this year gone? I spend a lot of my time on the computer which means I’m sitting for most of the day. In an effort to get off my butt, I decided to try a 30 day workout challenge. So I went on Pinterest to find one that wouldn’t be too hard. I decided to go with Lauren Conrad’s 30 Day Abs Challenge (link to her blog: here).

I started at the beginning of July and also made a plan to continue 30 day workout challenges for the rest of the year. I’ve already written them into my bullet journal so that I don’t try to back out. I don’t usually make resolutions, but this is sort of like a mid-year resolution in hopes of getting into better shape by the end of the year. I’m not saying that I expect results from just doing these challenges, but it will get me off my chair/couch for a bit. I also plan to try out a 15 minute elliptical workout. I’ll probably start off slow and then maybe try out one of the longer ones that I’ve pinned on my board.

For Lauren Conrad’s challenge, you add a bit more of each exercise every day. Every day, you do sit-ups, flutter kicks and plank. You start off with 20 sit-ups, 24 flutter kicks and a 20 second plank. By the end of the 20 days, you finish with 125 sit-ups, 110 flutter kicks and a 90 second plank. I cheated and I did crunches instead of sit-ups. Although I probably don’t feel the full effect of the challenge because I didn’t do sit-ups, I definitely feel like my core is stronger than when I first started. Mid-way through the 30 day challenge, I added a 30 second wall squat and added 5 seconds each day. A wall squat is where you lean against a wall with your legs at a 90 degree angle (like you’re sitting on a chair). With the wall squat and the flutter kicks, I definitely feel like my legs have gotten stronger.

I don’t think there is a visible difference to my abs (maybe a very slight difference), so it’s not worth showing a before and after picture. But I can definitely feel it in my core. There’s that saying, “In 2 weeks you’ll feel it, 4 weeks you’ll see it and 8 weeks you’ll hear it.” (Meaning that after 2 weeks, you’ll feel the different, after 4 weeks you’ll see the results and after 8 weeks, people will compliment you?). A 30 day challenge is about 5 weeks, so maybe there’s a very slight difference in the appearance of my abs. At the 2 week mark, I definitely felt it. We’ll see what happens once I hit the 8 week mark of working out.

I found different challenges to target different areas for August to December (abs, arms, butt, etc.). You can find them on my Workout board on Pinterest. Here is what’s on my agenda for the rest of 2017:

  • July was abs
  • August is arms (and I’m going to add some wall squats, maybe some crunches or flutter kicks)
  • September is abs and squats (plus arms)
  • October is abs
  • November is abs (plus arms)
  • December is abs

Most of the challenges are focused on abs (they involve some sort of crunch or plank), but I plan to add other exercises to target arms or legs.

In an effort to be healthier, I’m trying my best to drink more water and no more juice or pop in the house (there will be some exceptions, i.e. when I get take out, but no more buying those 2L bottles or cartons of juice). I noticed that when I did two weeks of spin class, I drank a lot of water and my skin looked really good during those two weeks. Read about my experience doing spin class: here) or if you want to read about my experience specifically at Spin Co: click here).

Have you tried 30 day challenges? What exercises do you find most effective?


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