Not Worth the Duties…

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If you’re an online shopper in Canada then the chances of you saying, “It’s not worth the duties” or “no free shipping?!!” are pretty high. Finding out that you have to pay $100 USD to get free shipping? Story of my life. Finding out that you have to pay duties that are almost as much as what you bought? Tell me about it…

Living in Canada has its downfalls when shopping online…you’re charged with the dreaded duties. Even ordering from, you’re charged for import fees and similar to the Canadian Netflix, doesn’t offer as much as its American counterpart.

Tommy Hilfiger- There was a really good sale on the outlet website (half off I think) so I ordered two sweaters for D for Christmas, but it turns out I had to pay COD and I basically paid as much as what I would’ve paid for the sweater if it hadn’t been 50% off. Next time I know better than to order online from Tommy Hilfiger…

Tobi and Lulus- I’ve bought clothes from both places and the quality of the clothes isn’t worth the duties you have to pay when it’s delivered to your door. I got a sequin dress from Tobi and when I tried it on, right away I could tell the sequins would scratch me. It’s a party dress so I would expect to be moving around a bit, possibly dancing. If I wore that to a party, I think my arms would get scratched up after a while. Despite the free shipping, no minimum needed for Tobi, that doesn’t help the fact that I had to pay almost as much for the duties as I did for one of the clothing items. For Lulus, from what I recall, I paid about $70 for duties and my size was different depending on the products. For a maxi and fit and flare dress, I was an XS, but a fitted bodycon dress was too tight. I could zip it up and everything but I could barely move.

So, Canadians, stick to places that ship from Canada or shops where the duties are calculated at checkout (at least that way you’ll know how much you will be paying for).


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