Time for a New Look!

My new haircut!

Hi Everyone!

2017 is the year of makeovers for me: I’m updating my room and I recently cut off a few inches of my hair (as you might’ve seen on IG).

On the left, is how long my hair was before cutting it (elbow length/lower back length- the layers in the front were a bit shorter since I got a V-shape the last time I cut it). I got it cut to just below my collar bone with subtle layers. It was the most expensive I’ve ever paid for a haircut, but it was definitely worth it. Whenever I’ve gotten my haircut, I’ve never been happy with it because they’ve always cut it shorter than I wanted. The pic on the right was after I got home from cutting it (so it’s styled nicely by a professional- which is probably the best it will look). The pic below is of my hair when I waved it with my CHI hair straightener (click here for my review).

Also getting a makeover is my signature and logo! In honour of blogging on WordPress for a year, I’ve decided to have a new signature to my blog posts. Signing off my blog posts with just ‘-JenCat’ was kind of boring, I wanted something feminine and I wanted to use my writing. You have no idea how many times I wrote out ‘jencat’ to get the one I liked. So, my new signature is ‘jencat’ in my handwriting and my logo will be my signature plus my lip print. I did several different lip prints with different colour lipstick and this one turned out the best. So, here’s my new JenCat logo featuring Dior Addict Lipstick in After Party 680!



20170502_020614 (2)

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