Hair: Knowing Which Style Suits Your Face Shape

After being on Pinterest for several years, I’ve pinned hundreds of different hairstyles that I like. Of course, many hairstyles that I love wouldn’t actually look good on me. I just pin them because I like them on the celebrity or model. I’ve tried many different hairstyles and I know which ones suit me best and which ones make me look older or don’t look good on me.

There’s only one way that looks good if I am curling my hair. I have to start the curl further down instead of at the top of my head, or else the curls age me. Especially if my hair is shorter. As you can see, I look a bit older in the picture on the left. In the middle picture, I started the curl lower down (from the chin down). In the picture on the right, I was trying a heatless curl technique which I think aged me a bit, but since my hair is longer than my hair in the pic on the left, I don’t look as old.

Above are pics where my hair is CURLED, here are some pics where my hair was WAVED with a curling wand instead of curled with an iron or straightener:

pram 06634


The best way for me to add some waves to my hair is to use a curling wand instead of a curling iron. See the differences between hair curled with a wand vs. an iron and techniques on how to use each one: Here. If I do curl my hair, I would have to put it half up, with some hair around my face. I did this hairstyle for my prom (see below). Read about my prom experience!

After C’s wedding in Mauritius and reception at home, I have been styled twice by different hairstylists. I showed both hairstylists the same picture of the hairstyle I wanted. C also showed the two hairstylists the same picture, and the front looked the same in both, but the backs were very different. The one in Mauritius was inspired by the picture, while the one for here was almost an exact copy of the picture. The one in Mauritius was also more crunchy because there was more hairspray, while the one at home was softer and looked more natural. We forgot to take a picture of the back for the reception, but it looked like the picture she showed the stylist. Below is C’s hair in Mauritius (left) and the beautiful hairstyle that C got from Pinterest by Martha Mok that she showed the hairstylists (right):

Since I have a rounder face than C, I don’t look good in updos where the hair is completely swept back. C has a more oval-shaped face, so she can get away with tighter updos where her hair is completely pulled back. Me, on the other hand, I need to have messier updos with some pieces of hair that fall to the sides of my face. Also, my hair was super long, so it looks different from the picture that I showed the hairstylist. She needed to use a hair bun maker to keep all my hair up. It wasn’t exactly like the picture, but it was the right style that I was going for, so I was much happier with the hair for the reception here. In Mauritius, there were pieces of hair falling to the sides of my face, but the rest of my hair was completely pulled back and you could see my ears. I prefer not seeing the tops of my ears because then the hair looks more romantic and messy. Below are pictures of the picture I showed the stylists, pictures from Mauritius (top middle and right) and Toronto (bottom pics):

I should probably cut my hair next time so there is less to work with and less of a chance for it to fall out. I have thick hair, so it’s heavy. Also, if it’s shorter, there’s no need to use a hair bun maker to keep it all up. I think I also prefer if the pieces of hair that fall around my face should be just wavy or not curled at all because in pictures, my hair looks a bit frizzy in the front for the reception here. Which wasn’t the hairstylist’s fault, it was mine. Since my hair is really long and I don’t have face-framing layers, I cut the pieces in the front myself, but they were a little curlier than I expected. I should’ve pulled down on them to straighten them out a bit.

If you want to see other hairstyles that I like, follow my Pinterest boards: Hair, Makeup & Skincare, and Wedding- Hair, Makeup & Attire.

There’s a lot of hairstyles that I love, but like I said, they would age me, so maybe I can pull them off in 10 years or so. I also like updos with braids, I have yet to try that. I think I have to do looser braids, and I have yet to master the hairband braid that looks good on me.

Given that I’ve had two experiences with stylists for a wedding, I know what I like and don’t like which will help me for whenever I get married. I can tell the stylist that I like it messy/romantic and that I don’t want the top of my ears to show. I love crystal hair combs for brides (like the one my sister is wearing above ^), but given that I like messier updos, I may have to reconsider the comb because they wouldn’t work together. I’m going to have to play around with what styles I can pull off that are still messy enough, but suit my face shape. Or maybe instead of an updo, I will do a half up hairstyle for whenever I get married.


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