Second Maid of Honour Dress- The Angle Matters!

Hi Everyone,

I have pictures of my second maid of honour dress that I promised to share with you a while ago, if you’d like to see my blue dress that I wore to the wedding in Mauritius, click this link here. I don’t have any professional shots, but I have a link to the Alfred Angelo website which is the designer of my purple MOH dress. I got a lot of compliments for it, it was style 7359S in Viola.

I have to mention one thing, I think it looks better in person than in photos. It might’ve been because it wasn’t professionally steamed and I may have accidentally unsteamed one of the pleats when I was steaming it myself, but it didn’t take the most flattering pictures from the right angle. It almost looked like I had a uniboob when a picture was taken from the right, you’ll see from pictures below. The best angle was when my left was angled to the front. Of course, none of these had the best lighting or angles since two are selfies, but I don’t think that the appearance of the fit of the dress would change if the lighting was that much better.

The best thing to do after receiving your bridesmaid dress is to try it on and see what angles are the best. Angling yourself to one side may be more flattering than others. Of course, as the bridesmaid, you’re not trying to steal the spotlight from the bride, but you want to look your best too! So be careful when choosing dresses with pleating at the bust, and maybe get it professionally pressed to make sure that all of the pleats remain sharp and unwrinkled.


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