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Hi Everyone!

KH recently decided to order from Naturebox, an online snack membership that has healthy snacks that don’t contain artificial sweeteners or corn syrup. There was a deal that if you are referred by a friend, you get $20 off snacks. Most of the snacks are on sale at the moment, but at full price, I would consider them kind of pricey for the amount you get. But I thought, hey, I can make an order and get $20 off. So I ordered ten different snacks (pictured below- taken from their website):


Here are my ratings and opinions on the snacks I’ve tried (scale out of 5, 5 being the best):

  • naked trail mix
    • 1/5- this trail mix has peanuts, raisins, almonds, roasted pumpkin seeds, cashews and dried apples. It’s surprisingly salty, especially the raisins and I’m already not a fan of raisins to begin with, nevermind salty ones. I also don’t really like the dried apple, they’re squishy and I think dried apple chunks belong in my tea. There were also a lot of peanuts and raisins in this package compared to any of the other ingredients
  • nutty power clusters
    • 4/5- these are clusters made with walnuts, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds and crisp rice. It’s sweet from the cane sugar or the syrup. Be careful with your teeth though, they are VERY crunchy
  • french vanilla almond granola
    • 4/5- my first thought when I opened the package was that this smelled like Play-Doh (because of the french vanilla). I got over the fact that it smelled like something I used to play with and I put it into my strawberry yogurt. It was super crunchy and yummy with my yogurt. The only reason it lost a point was the smell, but once you mix it with the yogurt, it’s fine.
  • greek yogurt pretzels
    • 5/5- these taste like any other yogurt pretzels that you can buy at a bulk store, but obviously they are definitely fresher than from a bulk store
  • mini belgian waffles
    • 1/5- these were a disappointment I thought they’d be crunchier, they almost taste stale. These would definitely be better if you ate them with something, maybe dip them in tea or coffee, maple syrup or chocolate
  • honey crunch crisps
    • 2/5- these had a very strong sesame taste, I thought it would taste more like honey, but all I could taste was the sesame
  • probiotic power mix
    • 5/5- I really like this mix, especially the yogurt-covered apricots
    • it contains dried cranberries, greek yogurt apricots, sunflower seeds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, pecans and dried apples
  • sea salt cassava chips
    • 4/5- these taste like salted plantain chips
  • lemon tea biscuits
    • 3/5- these taste like lemon-flavoured shortbread
  • sea salt pop pops
    • 5/5- these are nice and salty and crunchy
    • these are half-popped popcorn, it’s not quite as airy as popcorn, but not as crunchy as corn nuts (but some kernels are a bit harder than others, so be careful when eating)


(Reminder: I am not affiliated with Naturebox, this was my personal opinion on the snacks I purchased myself).


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