Forever21 Beauty Products – Review

Beauty Products Review.png

**Forever21’s Facial Cleansing Pad, Sephora’s Cleaning Me Softly Cleansing Brush Cleansing Brush are on JenCat’s Beauty Recommendations list!

I have bought a few Forever21 beauty products over the years- mostly tools, not the actual makeup products. So, here are my opinions:

  1. Facial Cleansing Pad ($4.90 CAD)- great to use with any cleanser that you use. Soft and not abrasive on the face like some cleansing brushes.
  2. Facial Cleansing Brush ($4.90 CAD)- I have yet to use this, but I felt the bristles and it feels a bit hard, maybe it would be good to use on the body, but not the face. I would spend a few more dollars and get the one from Sephora (Cleaning Me Softly Cleansing Brush– $13 CAD). It’s much softer than the F21 one.
  3. Paddle Brush– good hair brush. Similar to the Goody or Scunci brand ones and a lot cheaper than some of them too! It might just need to be aired out or washed a bit because of the plastic smell, but otherwise perfectly good.
  4. False Eyelash Set (set of 5 for $10.90)- The ones in this picture look slightly different than the ones I bought last year. For the ones I bought, the band was black and thick. It was very hard to bend and poked me in the eye. The might have made them better since then (since the bands look clear in this picture). Buy these at your own risk, if you’re okay with a thicker band, than these might be okay. If you prefer a thinner band that’s easier to bend, get a better quality pair from Walmart or something.
  5. Loofah Pad ($3.90)- I thought this would be a nice alternative to a loofah (several times, loofahs have fallen apart on me). To my dismay, this was the hardest thing ever! Even when I put it underwater, it somehow bent in weird spots and it was just as hard. Don’t buy this! It’s way too abrasive for the skin and when wet, it becomes bumpy.


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