Scunci Hair Bun Maker


Yesterday I was shopping and decided to buy a scunci bun maker, I’ve seen them everywhere and decided to buy one just to try it. I must say, the bun is bigger than I had anticipated, I probably need a smaller one, also my hair is quite long, so that adds to the volume of my hair bun. I bought a box called ‘the hun’ and it came with the hair bun tool, 2 hair elastics and 6 bobby pins (it was $6.99 CAD). Claire’s had a deal- Buy 3 get 2 free so I bought some hair bands, a diamante hair band and some clear hair elastics.

This is what my bun looked like yesterday when I tried it (My head is angled down). I didn’t use any pins here:


To my surprise, wearing my hair in a bun with this too is really light. I thought it would feel heavy because my hair is in a pile on top of my head, but after you get used to the weight after a few minutes, you forget it’s up. Usually when I do my hair in a bun, I can feel the elastic pulling at my hair or the hair falls out of the bun because I didn’t pin it. I’d say it was a good purchase, even if i don’t wear it out, it’s a comfy style to wear your hair.



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