My Michael Kors Berkley T-Strap Sandals

You may remember that I wrote a post in June saying that I bought a nude pair of sandals for C’s wedding, but after some consideration, I decided to get a new pair of sandals to wear for the wedding to add some bling to my outfit. Especially since we will be having another reception at home (during the winter) and the nude sandals look more summery. Both of my dresses are also very plain, so I thought I’d add some sparkle (especially for the shorter dress for the reception here). I’ve been searching everywhere for silver sandals that are the same height (3.5 inches) as my nude pair because my long dress had been altered for that height.

After searching for about a week, I finally decided to get a silver version of Michael Kors Berkley t-strap sandals that I already own (black patent sandals). I ordered them from Browns Shoes online for $99.98 (about $113 with taxes). I had worn the black patent version to a formal for school and to my surprise, they were actually pretty comfortable (my feet weren’t killing me at the end of the night). Also, they have a slight platform so my feet aren’t as arched as they would be without the platform. Originally, I thought the Michael Kors sandals were 4 inches and would be too high, but they are actually about the same height as my nude sandals. C bought me the black patent version for Christmas one year because I saw them in store one day and fell in love with them. Even though they aren’t exactly classic shoes like a pair of peep toe pumps, I thought they were beautiful and had to have them.

Can’t wait for the wedding! This year has gone by so fast and the wedding is so close now! Stay tuned for pictures of my dresses from the wedding and reception!



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