Party Favours, Prizes & Games

For C’s wedding shower, I made a few presentation boards and games to make it more interactive. I wanted to make the games special and involve everyone that was invited. I made a ‘How long have they been married?’ guessing game where I put wedding pictures of my family members and when you lift the flap, it would tell you the answer (years married and the date they got married). Another fun guessing game was ‘guess who’s wedding I’m at.’ Since C was a flower girl at four weddings, I got double-sided frames from the dollar store and on one side, I put a picture of C as a flower girl and on the other side, a picture of the couple and their wedding dates as well.

For privacy purposes, I have pixellated the pictures and the couples’ names.

I also did matching games: ‘match the fictional couples’ and ‘match the Disney couples.’ I put the answers on the opposite side of the page.

All of the above games were just for fun. For prizes, I did two games: ‘Guess how many skittles in the jar’ and ‘How old is C?’ For the prizes, we bought mason jars with handles and for the skittles game, I put the skittles into three jars (all with the same number of skittles) so that there could be three winners. I used a significant number for C and DW so that I would remember and to make it more special. For the age game, I got 8 pictures of C throughout her life and people had to write their guesses on a ballot which I then tallied for points and gave out prizes based on who got the most points. If they were accurate in guessing her age, they got two points. If their guess was a year younger or older than she actually was, they got one point.

For the mason jar prizes for the ‘How old is C?’ game, I put mars bars, lindor chocolates and small items: nail polishes from The Face Shop, hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works, dry shampoos from Winners and LED flashlights from Home Hardware. For non-mason jar prizes, I gave more expensive items: a sapphire velvet wrap bracelet from Boho Betty (use my code JENCAT to get 20% off your purchase!), and headphones from Staples. We bought 8 mason jars in total, and I used 3 for the skittles games. So I made 5 mason jar prizes and 2 non-mason jar prizes because I didn’t know how many people would get high scores in the game. So I gave out 7 prizes for the age game.

For party favours, we got cute favour boxes from Party City and we gave out Twinings Tea (English Breakfast or Earl Grey), mars bar and a lindor chocolate. For the kids favours, I put them in clear favour bags and I gave them a hot chocolate packet, 2 organic lollipops, a mars bar and skittles.

If you would like the template for the Matching games, feel free to contact me or leave a comment and I would be happy to send it to you!



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