Sparkling Pineapple Mango Drink

I made a sparkling pineapple mango drink for C and DW’s wedding shower because they both like pineapple and mango and Tropicana recently came out with a delicious juice that had the perfect mix of both. Most mango drinks I’ve had are thicker, like mango nectar.

What you’ll need:

For the shower, we bought a beverage dispenser from Hudson’s Bay because we figured that there will be many more events to come where a beverage dispenser would come in handy. We bought the Maxwell & Williams Olde English Juice Jar with Stand. It holds 5.6 L which was more than enough and also I prefer the type of tap that this jar has because it’s like a water cooler dispenser where you turn the nozzle UP to open the tap. I prefer this type because if it’s the kind that you turn left or right to turn on, someone might not close it all the way and the next thing you know, there’s a mess on the floor and no more drink in the dispenser. I will admit that the ones you turn upwards to open probably break faster than the ones you turn side to side, but this was a fairly expensive dispenser so hopefully it doesn’t break. I’ve seen a few on display at other stores and the nozzle was completely broken because people have tried it so many times. Anyways, I’ve gone off topic…back to the drink…

For the drink, the perfect combination that I like is juice with a bit of fizz. Some people may prefer more fizz than I do and you can find your own combo of the two drinks, but I prefer 2 parts juice to 1 part ginger ale. So if you’re making this drink for a party, a good ratio would be a 1.75L bottle of Tropicana juice with about half of a 2L bottle of ginger ale.

To jazz up the dispenser and let everyone know what it was, I tied a label around the dispenser. I made the label by typing ‘Sparkling Pineapple Mango Drink’ and printing it onto a cue card. Then I used my corner punch that I bought for the DIY wedding shower invitations.

I also made a pitcher of cucumber water (slices of cucumber in water) for those who wanted to feel refreshed, but not drink too much sugar…although I think everyone tried the drink and some even came back for refills!



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