Planning Out My BuJo

img_20170102_131614.jpgHi Everyone!

Two weeks ago, I started my bullet journal, I’ll write a new blog post and show you all some pics of what mine looks like in a few days. When I was starting out and drawing tables in my new journal, I was using a ruler and pencil and then going over the pencil with a pen. Then I was telling C and KH how I felt super nerdy because a bullet journal is for planning and organizing, but I was making a list and planning out how I was going to lay everything out. Even with the list of what was going into the journal, everything still isn’t laid out perfectly organized. I would’ve preferred having similar topics next to each other, but I just kept thinking of new things to put in the journal. So, I have a tv series tracker next to a hair and facial treatment tracker. I’m just starting out though, so hopefully for next year, I will have it more organized and know which trackers and logs should go next to each other.

I just ordered the Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Hardcover Notebooks (A5) in Royal Blue and Azure from Indigo which should last a while. I look forward to using a dotted journal because the lines from my current Moleskine journal don’t allow me to do a circular month tracker like I’ve seen some people do. I mean, I could do one, but the lines would distract me. Right now, I’m using a 5’x8′ Moleskine journal that I got in a three-pack from Indigo a few years ago. I’m not sure how many pages are in it, but it’s the Cahier version, so the journal isn’t bound like the Leuchtturm ones that I just purchased.


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