Paint Workshop

The other day, BM and KN took me out for a surprise activity and dinner for my birthday. They are both so sweet and I can’t believe I’ve known them for half of my life already and I’m happy to call them two of my best friends. I had an inkling of what we would be doing because I was told to “wear comfy clothes that I didn’t mind getting messy,” and I knew we weren’t going to be doing anything athletic like paintball. I figured that we would be painting ceramics or doing a paint workshop. We arrived at the studio and I was right, we were doing a 2 hour paint workshop. None of us are particularly artistic, but they chose a Moderate level workshop with a painting called The Lighthouse. I really enjoyed painting, although we all could’ve used a place to sit for those 2 hours. I would definitely do another paint workshop, I enjoyed myself and always wanted to do one. Obviously, you can put your own spin on the painting which each of us did, especially since we couldn’t duplicate the painting with our novice level of painting. All of our paintings turned out really nice and I plan to hang mine in my room. I wish I could’ve spent more time working on the lighthouse, land and surrounding water, but I think I did a pretty good job considering I haven’t done any painting since junior high. Below is the model painting and my painting (right). In pictures, my moon looks a lot more yellow than in real life, but I did make it a bit too yellow for my liking and would’ve preferred a colour more similar to the model. I chose to add more purples and darker blues in mine because I like darker colours.



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