Bullet Journals

20161019_175312_003.jpgI’ve always loved the idea of a bullet journal and a recent Buzzfeed article has convinced me to start one. For those who don’t know what a bullet journal is, it’s a multipurpose journal that you can use to make to do lists, logs, tasks, events, etc. Here’s a link to the articles that convinced me that I should finally start one: Bullet Journal Layouts and Bullet Journal Ideas.

I’ve always loved making lists and keeping logs of things so this is the perfect way for me to use that energy to organize, colour-code and make lists. It also gives me a reason to use supplies I have collected over the years: markers, journals, washi tape, those tiny post-it notes. Also, it allows me to practise my calligraphy and penmanship by writing everyday. These days, especially when I was in school, I would type everything up so I don’t handwrite a lot of things.

I know you can use bullet journals for a bunch of different things, but I think I will start out with the basics and maybe keep a log of my sleep, food and to-do lists. Maybe even keep track of my spending and when I open new makeup products so I know when how long I should keep them.

Once I get started, I will write a new blog post soon to show you how mine looks!



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