My Arm Candy ft. Boho Betty USA


I am an affiliate of Boho Betty USA and I absolutely love the bracelets they sell. You can wear them with a little black dress or complement jeans and a t-shirt to add some sparkle or shine to your outfit. My wrists are small and some of the bracelets are a bit big, but the ones that fit best are the suede wrap bracelets. But you don’t just have to wear them as bracelets! I bought a quad wrap and used it as a belt. Some of the other lovely ladies have worn them as a choker or anklet as well!

Check out the gorgeous arm candy that they offer at Boho Betty USA. Use the code JENCAT at checkout to get 20% off your cart. Treat yourself to some beautifully crafted arm candy! These bracelets are also lovely gifts for birthdays or to give to your lovely bridesmaids for a bride-to-be!



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