All About Weddings

I love all things wedding-related, even before C got engaged. I have multiple boards on Pinterest dedicated to my dream wedding and dream engagement ring. This is the first wedding in our family where I am directly involved in the planning. The last time we attended a wedding with both sides of my family was 12 years ago (when my cousin on D’s side got married and invited M’s side). Twelve years ago, I wasn’t even a teenager yet! Also, since I wasn’t part of the wedding party and it was my adult cousin’s wedding, I wasn’t involved in any planning. Now, I have the excitement of planning a Bachelorette party, a wedding shower and attending two receptions for C and DW.

The excitement of C and DW’s wedding has me watching a ton of YouTube videos. Just yesterday, I was watching videos for hours at a time. I’ve been watching Maid of Honour (MOH) and Best Man speeches, Father of the Bride speeches, wedding videos, pre-wedding shoots, first dances and Groom/Groomsmen dances.

I was watching MOH speeches to see what others say in their speeches for the brides. I had already jotted down some notes for my MOH speech, but thought I’d watch a few to get more ideas. I also read some articles on Pinterest on “how to nail your MOH speech” and “Do’s and Don’t’s.” I already had the base of the speech ready, I just need to make some tweaks here and there and practise performing a lot. I’m not the best at public speaking and I can get quite emotional (even with my own speech), something I will make sure to ask the makeup artist for: waterproof eye makeup!

Update: I got through both my speeches without a tear! WOOHOO!


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