All I Want Are My Blue Suede Pumps

When I was working at Hudson’s Bay, they had these two pairs of blue/purple suede pumps by Ivanka Trump (Style: Carra) and Vince Camuto (Style: Kain) that I absolutely loved. Back then, I didn’t have a reason to buy them, so I always stared longingly at them. M said that I could buy something of my choosing as a present for my birthday. So, we commenced the hunt for those blue suede pumps. Of course, back when I worked at the Bay, they were already on clearance…I missed my chance to buy a pair in my size in that beautiful blue colour. We went to several Hudson’s Bay stores and could only find them in size 10 or some other size too big for my lil feet. I was starting to give up on my dream shoes. I even searched on American websites and department stores to see if they had them, but nowhere had my size. I was about to give up until we went into Vince Camuto…and thus begins my story of finding THE PAIR. They weren’t the ones I was looking for, but they were there all along! I think they are actually better than the ones I was originally looking for because they are a slightly darker blue so I can wear them in the Fall/Spring/Summer as opposed to just Spring/Summer for the other pairs. Also, they were on sale for more than half price off! I couldn’t contain my excitement and did a little happy dance in the store as I told D they were on sale. He smiled and said, “excellent!” They are a pair of D’orsay Louise et Cie suede pumps (Style: Hermosah in Tulum Blue) with a 3 1/2 inch heel (see picture below). Now my shoe wardrobe is set for a very long time! 😀




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