DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

C and DW’s wedding shower is approaching and I was on Pinterest to look at party ideas. Of course, they have DIY decorations and I thought I’d give it a go. I tried doing the tissue paper flowers and I must say, they make it look easy. Actually, anything on Pinterest looks simple enough, but when you try it, it never turns out the same. I know it will take some time before my flowers look as pretty as the ones that the bloggers post, and for the most part, they do look pretty similar.

Technically, this one is called a Paper Pom Pom, but it looks like a flower. This one is a flower that uses a different technique. Both are very pretty and for the second one, you can make multiple ones and turn it into a bouquet. Click the two hyperlinks above to see how you make your own and what materials you’ll need to make these flowers.Here are my attempts at them:

The pom pom was really big. It was about 8 inches or so. For the flower, I know I need to work on the bottom so that it’s not flat like it is in the picture.

I love trying out new arts and crafts, especially pretty decorations like this. I don’t know if I’ll actually end up using any of the DIY projects I’ve seen on Pinterest, but it’s fun to learn how to make different things.



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