Nail Polish Shelf


I’m so excited, my dad and I finally got around to putting up my nail polish shelf! I’ve always seen them on Pinterest and wanted one, so I searched for the different ways that other ladies have made their own nail polish shelf. After reading different blogs and looking at the different styles, I chose a picture frame shelf from Ikea instead of making my dad custom-build one out of wood. I chose the Ribba shelf which was $9.99, to accommodate all of my nail polishes, I bought two of them. I put them up next to my vanity mirror and makeup area, but something was missing. It looked empty underneath the shelves because we had to put them a little higher up on the wall than I originally intended due to my wall being a bit curved. So, M and I agreed that putting up little hooks for my necklaces would be the best option. So I searched on my beloved and I chose these Command clear jewelry hooks. I absolutely love it! Before I put up the jewellery hooks, it sort of looked like a nail salon (still sort of does), but I still love it! This blogger was absolutely right, the best tool to make a nail polish shelf IS your dad! D is much more capable of doing something like this than I am. Although I have built a little desk storage thing from Walmart all by myself! Achievement unlocked: JenCat built something on her own and it didn’t fall apart! For the nail polish shelf however, it was a two-man job, so I assisted by holding things up for D while he drilled the holes- Yay for teamwork!




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