Nude Lipstick

**L’Oréal Color Riche Collection Exclusive- J Lo in Jennifer’s Nude (370) is on JenCat’s Beauty Recommendations list!

In my post on my Face Mask Haul, I said I was searching for a nude lipstick at Pacific Mall. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in finding one at the beauty shops, but I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and found one on sale that looks really good. I got the L’Oréal’s Colour Riche Collection Exclusive- J Lo in Jennifer’s Nude (370). This collection is custom-made to match different skin tones and hair colours. I was surprised to find that J Lo’s nude lipstick shade was my favourite. Especially since our skin tones and hair colours are so different. But it’s a gorgeous nude colour that has a sheer finish. I’m hoping that they decide to keep it as a permanent shade instead of just a Limited Edition, but we’ll see what happens. The one thing I don’t love about it is the scent- it smells a bit like baby powder. M has a Colour Riche lipstick as well and hers smells the same, so that’s the scent for the L’Oréal lipstick line, I guess. Apart from the scent, I really love it and maybe I should buy some extras since it might go out of stock. When I got home, I swatched it with a few other lipsticks I have and found that they were all very similar when they were swatched on my arm, but when they’re on my lips, they look very different. I will do a swatch with the different lipsticks that I own in a future post.




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