Face Mask Haul


I went shopping at Pacific Mall the other day to look at lipsticks. I was looking for a new nude one, but they actually didn’t have a lot of nude lipsticks at the different beauty shops. Most of the colours were red-orange and bright pink and also some shops were quite expensive. My hand started to look a bit raw because I was swatching all the different colours and wiping them off with a tissue at the twenty different beauty shops. Although I was unlucky in finding a new lipstick at the different Asian stores, I got a bunch of masks:

  • my fave charcoal sheet mask
  • a new green tea mask that the lady said was better for me so I thought I’d give it a try
  • monkey lips (which exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin on your lips- I’ve used it before, don’t scrub too hard, my lips were raw for a few days because I scrubbed too hard)
  • a new pig nose blackhead strip set (which I have yet to try)

Read my blog post on nude lipstick to see which one I chose at Shoppers Drug Mart!



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