Urban Decay- Vice Lipsticks


I finally finished trying out the Urban Decay Vice lipstick samples from my Sephora order. Below, I will post pictures and descriptions from the Sephora website, along with my personal opinions on how each shade looked on me. Please remember, that my opinions are based on how they look on myself, one shade that looked terrible on me could look amazing on someone else with a lighter or darker skintone. So please try them out yourself before purchasing your own Urban Decay lipstick. Hopefully my descriptions will help you narrow down what you’re looking for.

I apologize for the quality of some of the pictures and the inconsistency in the lighting. I took pictures of each shade in the same room to maintain continuity, but sometimes the lighting was natural and other times it was artificial. Also, the darkness of my shirt may have affected how the shade looks. So, I took swatches of the shades on my arm so that the lighting is more uniform for comparing the different lipstick shades. Again, I have to apologize, my first set of swatches got a little messy, so it doesn’t look very nice.

Urban Decay Vice lipstick line has way more than 24 shades, and I might consider trying out other ones that I didn’t receive as part of the sample. Some of the shades I really liked, but they were a bit too pink or too shimmery. I’ll start with my faves that worked on my skintone and work my way down to the others (the descriptions in brackets are how the shades are described on the Sephora website- so I can’t help you because I, myself, have no idea what blue shift or tonal shimmer means). The 24 shade sampler came with a variety of finishes- sheer, comfort matte, cream, mega matte, metallized and sheer shimmer. The above ordering is my fave to least fave finish. Comfort matte was surprisingly comfortable, but the sheer provided my lips with a bit of moisture which I prefer. I don’t usually wear lipstick, but if I do, I tend to buy a moisturizing or sheer kind. In order of favourite shades, it went as follows: pinks, red, neutrals/nudes/mauves, metallics, purples/darks.

Sheer Anarchy

Sheer Anarchy (sheer- fuchsia) was my favourite shade out of the 24 samples I received. This was a sheer shade, so obviously it was a bit sticky on the lips as all sheer lipsticks are. It was still a tad too pink for me, so perhaps they have a nude sheer one that I would prefer (Perhaps Sheer Liar, Brat or Wrong Number might work).

My favourite cream shade was Jilted (cream- deep fuchsia shimmer with blue shift) which I actually realized is the shade my grandma bought recently- I’ll be calling her gma in future posts. Firebird (cream- deep fuchsia) was a close second for cream shades, but it was too pink/bright for my liking. My favourite comfort matte was Psycho (comfort matte- bright rose with iridescent blue micro-sparkle). My favourite mega matte was 714 (mega matte- bright red). I don’t like lipsticks that are metallic or shimmery, so I didn’t have a favourite out of those finishes.

Menace (comfort matte- medium fuchsia-pink), similar to Firebird, was a nice shade, but too pink for me. Big Bang (metallized- bright pink sparkle) was a Barbie pink and very shimmery.

For the wine reds, they were too dark for me personally, but the Rock Steady (cream- deep wine red) was a nice deep red for someone else. Gash (cream- deep red with tonal shimmer) was a slightly darker red than Rock Steady. Although the picture may not show it, Manic (cream- soft wine) was too brownish-pink.

Conspiracy (metallized- plum-bronze shimmer) was too coppery-bronze. Amulet (metallized- metallic brick rose) was too brown/bronze.Seismic (sheer shimmer- plum-purple with red shimmer) did not look good at all, it looked like I had just eaten a popsicle in that shade because the colour was going into the cracks of my lips. Although I did like the texture of the sheer shimmer lipstick.

EZ (cream- bright red-orange) was a bit too orange/firetruck red for me. Snitch (sheer- pale coral-pink) was too coral. Gubby (metallized-frosted light pink) might have been my least favourite on, it was way too pink/light for me and it didn’t go on smoothly. ZZ (cream- soft pink-purple) was too mauve.

Naked (cream- nude-pink) was the closest shade in the sample to my natural lip colour, but still a bit too pink. Rapture (cream- dusty rose) was too purple/mauve. Backtalk (comfort matte- mauve nude-pink) was too mauve/pink. Stark naked (comfort matte- light nude) was way too nude for me and too Kylie Jenner for my liking.

Pandemonium (mega matte- bright purple) was a really nice shade of bright purple, but it was too retro/Barbie. Blackmail (comfort matte- deep berry wine) was very vampy/dark and same goes for Disturbed (comfort matte- deep brick red).

Here are the swatches of the colours side-by-side.  Again, I have to apologize, my first set of swatches got a little messy because I was using a q-tip, so it doesn’t look very nice.

A lot of the shades surprised me, I thought I’d prefer the nude and red ones, but I ended up liking pinks. Some shades look really nice on my arm, but on my lips, they just didn’t work. Let me know which shades you like and any recommendations you have for Urban Decay lipstick shades that weren’t in my sample!




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