Binge Watching- Part 2

In the past week, I binge watched the first seasons of three shows: The Last Ship, Bates Motel and The Office.  After watching the first episodes of The Last Ship and Bates Motel, I was hooked. I can’t say the same for The Office, but like a lot of comedies, it sometimes takes more than a few episodes to get into the show. Especially since the first season was only six episodes. I decided to start watching it because 1) I was reading Mindy Kaling’s books and she wrote about her experiences writing for The Office and thought I’d give it a try 2) it ran for nine seasons, so it has to be pretty good. So far I’ve only watched the first season, but it has the potential for becoming my next Parks and Rec or it could be my next 30 Rock. Let me explain what I mean by this: for 30 Rock, I watched it because I love Tina Fey and since she created it, I thought I’d give it a shot. Although I watched all seven seasons, I never really loved it as much as I’d hoped. On the other hand, for Parks and Rec, I didn’t like the first and second seasons that much, but once Adam Scott and Rob Lowe came into the picture, I started to love it. With their characters added, I felt like the show’s tone changed and so did Leslie Knope. Leslie started out kind of awkward and would ask things like “What if he shows up with another woman? What if one of my sleeves catches on fire and it spreads rapidly” when talking about scenarios that could happen on a first date (Season 2 Episode 4). I’m not saying awkward is a bad thing (everyone has their awkward moments), but once Ben was around, her character was different from what we saw in the first two seasons.

The Last Ship has Michael Bay as an executive producer, so of course there is going to be a lot of action and elements that an action film would have. The acting isn’t bad, and we see Adam Baldwin playing his usual agent/officer persona (like in Chuck, and I’m sure other shows that he’s been in).

I originally thought Bates would be really creepy because that’s the usual sense I get when a show takes place in a motel/hotel (like American Horror Story: Hotel), but it’s more of a psychological horror than supernatural/gory horror. Not that I thought it would have a supernatural element, but when shows or movies take place in hotels, I either think slasher horror or supernatural horror. Bates is neither of these, although we have seen a bit of blood. The replica of the house from Psycho is really good. If I hadn’t known, I would’ve thought it could actually be the original house.

For both The Last Ship and Bates Motel, I can’t wait to see more and for The Office, I hope it turns out to be my next Parks and Rec. Regardless, I will probably watch the rest of the series because it’s in the library and I need some more comedies to watch. I already have more dramas than comedies to watch and I need something to lighten the tone after watching things get blown up or my fave characters getting killed off.


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