Running Belt

Last year, when we went on our family trip to Paris and London, M decided to get a Travelon Anti-Theft Travel bag and Anti Theft RFID Blocking Sleeves. I bought a stainless steel RFID Blocking Wallet and a running belt to carry my passport. I decided not to buy my own anti-theft travel bag because 1) I didn’t like most of them and 2) I wasn’t sure if they would be big enough for my things.

sport_hero_new_med_59dc16f4-5133-4f1f-88f7-2f9a87a2c2dc_grandeI bought the Stashbandz Money Belt in black x-small. They have a similar one on the website and it’s cheaper: Running Belt Waist Pack. Stashbandz has a website you can order from too. They have coloured belts too, and I would’ve bought a coloured one, but a black one would go better underneath my clothing. I wore the belt underneath my clothing since I was trying to hide my passport. I do have to admit that in Paris, the weather was extremely hot and I was afraid I would sweat through the belt. Luckily, I didn’t, but I was sweating more than I would’ve if I hadn’t been wearing it because it was an added layer around my hips. So take note, if you’re planning to buy one and wear it under your clothes like I did, don’t buy it for a hot destination. M and D bought similar travel belts and I think their passports got a bit damp from sweating. I suppose you could put the passport in some type of plastic bag, but that may make the plastic swishing sound when you move. Several times throughout the day, the belt did move up and I would have to make a quick trip to the washroom to pull it back down around my hips. Although it tended to slide up every now and then, I think it was a good purchase and would recommend it. It’s useful for when you go to the gym or a run (after all, that’s what it’s made for) and it’s also good for concealing your passport.


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