Rompers- Beware!

In my previous post on Romper Style,  I said I bought a black/beige polka dot romper from Forever21. I tried it on today and it shrunk! Even though it was handwashed with cold water (as per the instructions on the label), the romper shrunk. Now it would be the right size for a 10 year old. I was able to see my underwear at the back and had I not been wearing a boy brief-style underwear, it would show underbutt. It was probably a bit shorter than what I wanted to begin with, but it shrunk noticeably to the point that it was like I was wearing a bodysuit/unitard. It was so short, I refused to show M the back of it after coming out of my room to tell her it had shrunk. So buyer beware, a romper or anything made of rayon can shrink easily, even when the proper instructions are followed and it is handled with care.


It may not look super short in the picture to some people, but I have a certain length requirement for my clothes and now, sadly, this romper does not meet those requirements. I may try some Pinterest tips on how to unshrink the romper, but it looks like it’s going into the donation pile and I’m tasked with searching for another one this summer.


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