My First Pair!

Hi Everyone!

WAYLANDA_32_RGI recently bought a pair of shoes from Call It Spring online for C’s wedding. A simple pair of nude/blush patent ankle strap sandals. I’ve searched all the stores I could go to and haven’t found any that are a good height and match my skin tone, so I decided to buy them as a back up pair in case I can’t find anything else. Also, since my shoe size is common, I was afraid that they might go out of stock by August. I bought the Waylanda sandals in Bone. They’re high enough to give me some height, but not too tall that I won’t be able to run around and do my Maid of Honour duties.

Since I bought the sandals online, I wanted to reach the free shipping limit, so I bought a pair of booties that were on sale. They are my first non-black pair of booties/boots that I own. I got the Camorone booties in Taupe. I’ve always liked taupe/mushroom coloured booties on other girls, but wasn’t sure if I’d like them on myself. I bought them so I could get free shipping instead of paying $5. I figured, I would buy the booties and could always return them if I didn’t like them. They arrived yesterday and I love them.

I have another pair of suede booties that are black. Both pairs of booties have a stacked heel, the taupe ones are about an inch higher than my black ones. My black booties are better quality from Hudson’s Bay (Style & Co), but these are really cute too.The taupe booties are a bit clunkier than the black ones and they don’t have a zipper, just an elasticized part at the ankle.

I think the taupe booties are good for daytime and the black booties are cute for the evening. I’ve styled them both with a black dress below:


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