Too Many Skechers?

When I was working at Hudson’s Bay as a stock associate for the Women’s Footwear department, we were allowed to wear running shoes since we were running (not actually running, but you know what I mean) around the stock room to grab the shoes. One co-worker asked if I had previously worked at Skechers since I had worn three of my four pairs to work. I never worked at Skechers, and am not affiliated with them. Other than the fact that I own four pairs and recommend them to anyone who is on their feet for work. Many of my co-workers commented that I wore a lot of Skechers- KV mentioned that he had only ever seen me wearing Skechers. One day I wore my old Adidas to work to prove to them that I own other shoes. What can I say, Skechers are comfy and they were on sale (buy one, get the second 50% off). From what I recall, I bought two pairs together and then two more pairs. For our family trip to Paris and London; see the post here. I bought a Go Walk shoe, C had said they were comfortable, so M and I both bought a pair. I got a a black pair that has a zebra print under the mesh and M bought a black pair that look like these. I would link the ones I bought, but I think even when I bought mine last year, they were running out of stock. My second pair was a pair of Bobs flats since I needed a pair of flats that were comfortable. I can’t remember which one is which, but I bought one size 6 and one 6.5. I’m usually a 6.5, but the 6 was all they had in that particular style and they fit.

When I started working at The Bay, M suggested I buy another pair of Skechers since the two I had were more for walking instead of running and running shoes might be more breathable. I bought two more pairs of Skechers since they had that buy one get one 50% off sale. Also, the flats weren’t comfortable enough to wear for 7 hours (I had 8.5 hour shifts with two breaks, but I was on my feet for most of the time, and would often roam the mall while on my break). So I bought a pair of trainers and another type that has GogaMat technology. The link isn’t to the pair that I own since I bought mine last year and I guess they don’t sell them anymore, but those are the same style, just different colours (my pair is black, white and purple).

I even convinced KH and YH to buy pairs for work because they’re so comfortable. Do I have too many Skechers? Possibly, but despite what my friends may say, I don’t think I have too many. They each cater to different needs. If I’m standing for long periods of time, the Goga Mat ones are my favourite and I wore them the most to work- “they’re like pillows.” If you’ve seen Modern Family, you’ll know the Disneyland episode (3.22) when Gloria puts on slippers after walking around in 5 inch heels all day. My second favourite pair are my Go Walk ones, although I think any pair of Skechers would be comfortable. If you prefer a firmer sole, a memory foam one is the best. If you prefer a lighter, airy one, I recommend a Goga Mat technology pair (I believe all the Go Step styles use Goga Mat tech- just check inside the shoe and it will tell you).




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