Bridesmaid Dresses

I’m so excited, my bridesmaid dresses finally came in! The colours are absolutely beautiful. When the lady at the bridal shop took out the purple dress, I have to admit, I was expecting the colour to be a darker purple and was concerned it would be too bright for my skin tone. But once the dress is on, it’s not as bright as it looks. You’ll have to wait after the wedding to see what they look like! (Update: Click here to see the sapphire dress and here for the viola dress).

The blue (sapphire) is After Six for the destination wedding. The purple (viola) is Alfred Angelo for the reception in Canada.

Now all I have to do is find shoes (Update: click here to see my shoes), a clutch, and maybe some earrings. I also have to nail down a hairstyle that’s nice, but doesn’t make me look too old (read my post here to see what hairstyles suit me best and see my hair for the wedding and reception).



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