Binge Watching- Part 1

Everyone has been known to binge watch a show, especially with Netflix and other streaming services these days. Before we had Netflix, I think the first shows that I binge watched were Prison Break and Lost. I either got them from the library or from the now out-of-business, Blockbuster. I watched the first season of Prison Break with C in one or two days.

With networks cancelling good shows after only one season, I try to wait until the first season has aired and been renewed before starting a show. To name a few, I did that for Arrow, The Originals, How to Get Away with Murder. There were some shows that I absolutely had to start watching (because I like the premise or the actors) regardless of whether they would be renewed or not. Unfortunately for me, many of them were cancelled, while other shows are going onto their 8th or 12th seasons.

The other day, I was at the library with M and D. Yes, we still go to the library- D has gotten a lot of new movies that were just released on DVD like Zootopia (so cute, I recommend it) and Spectre. In my opinion, Casino Royale and Skyfall were the better Daniel Craig Bond movies, but it ranks higher than Quantum of Solace. People were right, the opening credits were best to watch in theatres which I saw with KV. Anyways, back to tv shows and binge watching, I seem to have gone off on a James Bond segue. I saw iZombie at the library and took it out. I had heard it was pretty good and it’s rated 8/10 on IMDb (my go-to site to see if a movie or show might be good- it’s not always accurate, but it gives me a general gauge of how good it will be). I watch most of the CW network’s shows and they are generally quite lucky at getting renewed. I binge watched the first season in one day- it’s only 13 episodes…I may have gone into a mini zombie-state myself watching almost 13 hours of non-stop television. I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s not my first time watching more than half a day of television. Some shows are so good, you just have to know what happens next.

I love binge-watching shows, but the only thing that sucks about binge-watching is when you catch up to the current season. The best thing to do is find a show that has already finished. I have also binge-watched shows that I already watched: Prison Break (and may re-watch the fourth season since it has been revived for a fifth- even though the first was the best season) and Chuck (even though I don’t like how it ended). Binge watching shows with other people is a good way to get some quality time together because you can discuss the show with someone. I suggested D should watch Nikita and Alias after I had watched them, and I joined him when he started to get some quality father-daughter time, we watch a lot of other shows together. Similarly, M and I watch The Originals together and then there are multiple shows that all three of us watch, such as The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, and Person of Interest. I’ve been looking into finding more comedies to watch, most of my shows are dramas and therefore 40 minutes long. I want to find a comedy that I can watch while I eat dinner and not have to pay attention too much. C has been watching The Office and since that’s already finished, I may start watching that. Recently, I watched and finished Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock. Initially, I didn’t love Parks and Rec, but once I got to the end of season 2 when Rob Lowe and Adam Scott came in, I loved it. That was one of the shows that ended well, at least, in my opinion. I didn’t love 30 Rock though, but I watched the whole series for something to watch. Although I love Tina Fey, I’m not sure why I didn’t like it as much as Parks and Rec.  If you have any suggestions for shows (comedy or drama) to watch, please leave a comment.


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