Subscription Boxes

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited, I just signed up for subscription boxes for the first time. I just wanted to see what the hype about them was and see what products they send. I will probably only try them out for a few months and then take it from there. I never knew that they had subscription boxes for so many different things (links are to Canadian subscription sites): beauty, underwear, time of the month (they send you pads/tampons, chocolate and tea), comic books, charcuterie* (yum!…that’s cured cooked meats), etc. I was looking at the different types and M asked if they had knitting/yarn boxes, which they do, but she wasn’t willing to spend $40 on a box with yarn and patterns that she may or may not like. I’ve known about subscription boxes for a while, but living in Canada has its downfalls when it comes to buying things online. You either pay more for shipping than the actual box or they don’t ship to Canada at all.

I decided on beauty boxes and looked at the different Canadian and American sites. Beauty subscription boxes are a great way to try new makeup products that you wouldn’t have considered yourself. I considered Ipsy, but the shipping to Canada is about half the price of the subscription and that doesn’t include the exchange rate for the actual box itself. Whenever I can, I try to get free shipping and the products sent by the two I subscribed to seems to be comparable to Ipsy products. I subscribed to two Canadian ones: Topbox and the Luxebox (which is also by Topbox, but they send you more products and it costs about twice as much).

Topbox sends you 4 products every month for $12 CAD and Luxebox sends 7-8 products every 3 months for $26 CAD. Since the Luxebox subscription wouldn’t come until September, I decided to do both Luxebox and Topbox at the same time, so that I will be sent a box from Topbox next month.

Here are links to both so you can check them out:



I can’t wait until they come, and I will share what I get from the boxes when they arrive!

*Note: I was looking up the link for the charcuterie subscription box, and instead of carnivore club, I accidentally typed cannibal club…oops! To my surprise, there was a website called Cannibal Club that said, “Specializing in the preparation of human flesh, Cannibal Club brings the cutting edge of experimental cuisine to L.A.’s cultural elite.” :/ 


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