Oil of Oregano

imageHi Everyone!

Oil of Oregano is great for preventing and relieving a sore throat. If your throat starts to feel scratchy, just use the dropper and do 2-3 drops into the back of your throat. Make sure you have a chaser (not water) because the oil tastes terrible and also burns a bit. Lean your head back and make sure that the oil only touches the back of your throat, otherwise your tongue will taste like oregano for the rest of the day. Even doing the drops on the back of your throat and chasing it with some juice, you’ll be burping oil of oregano for a few hours after. There are disclaimers for using oil of oregano if you have certain health problems. So I suggest asking your doctor, or looking online to see who is at risk and if you fall into one of the categories. The other day, my throat felt a bit scratchy (I think from the pollen in our backyard or from eating too many sour candies the day before), so I used the oil of oregano and my throat felt better after using it. The oil of oregano is quite expensive in liquid form, about $20 CAD. You can buy the Nature’s Bounty Oil of Oregano on Amazon. I couldn’t find the liquid form at the drug store I went to, so I bought the liquid pill form, which you can get on Amazon for cheaper than the dropper (Oil of Oregano Pills). It is messier to use the pills because I just use my fingernails to squeeze a slit into the pill and then squeeze out the oil into my mouth (I usually use one, but if my throat is feeling really scratchy, I will use two). With the pills, not only will you be burping up the oil of oregano, but your fingers will smell like oregano for a bit too. Despite the smell and taste, I find that it really works, especially when it’s cold season.


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