My 2nd Escape Room: Laser Raider- Secret Agent (Mission Accomplished!)

9d47709c8203e8efa2c3423d20ff2b3e.pngFor KH’s birthday, we went to another escape room (see my post about my first escape room: Here). The one we went to was called Escape Matrix. KH, YH and I arrived before the rest of our group, and to our surprise, we had trouble finding the building. Since there were no signs and no cars in the parking lot, we were quite skeptical about whether we had found the place (you have to go in the main door, go up the stairs and then through another door, which also didn’t have a sign). I hope they will invest in some signs soon.

Challenge #1: finding the escape room place. We walked around the building and I tried to look inside the windows, but it was too dark. The only sign was for a Community Centre, which we weren’t sure was the right place, although it was the address listed. When the rest of our party arrived, we went inside and found out that we were in the right spot. In total, there were six of us, and we chose to do the Laser Raider room. There was no description on the website, and there were only three themes. We had already done a zombie one and the other choice was a hotel one- KH chose to do the laser one.

The website has been updated since and this is the description:

Travel back in time and become a secret agent. You will have to search the museum to find a stolen art piece and get out of the room on time. It won’t be easy at all. The evidence is hidden so well, that even a true detective will have trouble finding it. And your team have to figure out what is the stolen art piece. Are you ready for the challenge to escape from the Laser Room in 45 minutes?

We all had to dodge these lasers to get out. Fortunately for us, the lasers didn’t move and we were able to crawl under (don’t wear a skirt/dress and it’s best to wear something you don’t mind getting dusty…don’t wear black). The escape room had three different rooms, and unfortunately had to use all three clues to help us get out. We managed to escape with 2 minutes to spare. I thought it was pretty fun despite the reviews online, I think I would be flexible enough to dodge the lasers if they were positioned differently- we were able to just crawl underneath them. Although, I’m not as limber as François Toulour from Ocean’s Twelve. 

Later in July, I’ll be doing one with the family…stay tuned for a review. I think with six undergrad degrees, and other degrees and certificates, we will be able to escape (Fingers crossed). Hopefully without any clues, but we’ll see. C has yet to escape a room. She’s gone twice before, but she was working with too many people both times, so maybe this will be the one.


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