DIY Waterless Snow Globes

Snowglobes for KH and YH

As I’ve said many times, Christmas gets my creative juices flowing. I love making things and last year, I decided to make snow globes for KH and YH after seeing some on Pinterest.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • empty snow globe (got mine from Michaels craft store) OR mason jar
  • Plastic Snow from Amazon
  • Gorilla Glue from Amazon
  • styrofoam
  • small ornament of your choice
  • decorations of your choice (I chose a fake tree)- also from Michaels

I chose to do waterless snow globes because I was afraid they might fall over and break or somehow leak- the waterless ones are just as cute though. If you’d like to put water in them, you can look them up on Pinterest.

I bought a mini Snoopy ornament from a Hallmark store because KH loves Snoopy and I found a mini ornament with a penguin pouring sugar and thought it was cute. So I bought the penguin for YH (even though KH loves penguins too). I also went on Etsy and I bought a little cupcake charm and I asked the designer not to put any loop on it like you normally would (the charm is usually for a bracelet or phone charm). I chose a red velvet one because YH loves red velvet. As you can see in the pic above, the Snoopy ornament still has the loop for the string to go through. I didn’t want to chance it by taking it off, it could’ve broken the ornament, so I just left it on.

I placed the Snoopy ornament in the empty globe and it was too low down on the globe for my liking. So, I found some styrofoam from an old box and cut it to size, it looked perfect for Snoopy because the styrofoam sort of looked like an iceberg chunk. I glued the styrofoam onto the bottom of the globe and then stuck the tree into the foam and glued Snoopy onto the styrofoam. Once the glue had dried, I poured the snow into the dome part of the globe and twisted it shut. I know that you wouldn’t usually find a tree next to an igloo, but the tree added to the scene and Snoopy and Woodstock looked so lonely in the globe all by themselves.

The penguin ornament was taller, so I didn’t need any styrofoam for YH’s globe. So I glued the penguin and cupcake onto the bottom. Once the glue dried, I poured the snow into the dome and twisted the bottom on.

This project was super easy to do, especially if you have an old mason jar lying around.


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