Obsession: Bracelets from Boho Betty USA

My Boho Betty order arrived today and I’m so excited to wear them!

Earlier this month, I partnered with Boho Betty USA, a British accessory line. Currently, they sell bracelets and a couple earrings which are all super stylish and can be paired with any outfit! They have different styles for everyone. I personally love the Classic style the best. They make great gifts for friends and family too! I bought two bracelets for KH- the raspberry twirl single wrap and the sea jade single wrap.

In the picture above, I’m wearing two bracelets: sapphire velvet wrap and the rope crystal twist leather two wrap. Stay tuned to see what else I bought! I will be posting outfit of the day pics on my Instagram featuring my new accessories!

Use my code JENCAT to get 20% OFF! Check out the Boho Betty website.

They come in the cutest packaging- little organza drawstring pouches with care instructions that are individually wrapped in pink tissue paper. I do a lot of online shopping and not a lot of companies would individually package the products. If you order from Forever21, you know that they throw all the accessories into a small plastic bag.

Also, one of the accessories I ordered had to be backordered because they only had a limited supply. I have to say they have the nicest and sweetest customer service that I’ve dealt with in my online ordering.

One thing I should mention is if you have small wrists like I do, you may want to choose the ones that are adjustable or look at the details for the bracelet to see the size. One of the bracelets I chose (the Meuse) is a bit big on my wrist, but easily fixed by wearing it with another bracelet.

So go buy some bracelets from Boho Betty before the sale ends at midnight tonight! You won’t regret it!



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