Bridal Shows

Canadas-Bridal-Show_180x200_ESpotHi Everyone!

Back in January, C and I went to Canada’s Bridal Show. It’s one of the largest fairs in the city where vendors, and businesses have booths set up to promote their brands- bridal shops, photographers, print shops for invitations, venues, etc. Tickets were $20 per person.

We strategically walked around the convention centre so that we could pass by every booth. Lots of brides were there with their bridesmaids, and some dragged their poor fiancés along. Obviously I like wedding planning and things pertaining to weddings, so I happily went along with C to check out what a bridal show was like- it was the first for both of us. I have to say, it wasn’t the most useful for C and DW’s wedding since it will be a destination wedding. Although they will have a reception here after, it would probably be at a Chinese restaurant or banquet hall. The venues at the bridal show were mostly hotels and banquet halls that had non-Chinese food.

I think that the best time to attend a bridal show is after you’ve narrowed down which venues, photographers, videographers, etc. It is very overwhelming with people just handing things out to you and asking if you want to subscribe to their email lists. At least if you narrow the choices down with your fiancé beforehand, you can get an idea of how friendly and helpful the people at the booths are- they should have sent their best representatives to promote their booth.

If and whenever I get engaged, I’m not so sure if I will attend a bridal show because there are so many choices. One piece of advice I would have for ladies/men attending the show is to bring a pen or marker and star the brochures for the booths you liked most and the people who were friendly and informative. Once you throw that brochure into your tote, they all get mixed together and by the time you get home, you can’t remember which ones were the ones you liked.


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