Why Doesn’t Canada Have One?

In my search for new summer clothes, I found myself looking on my beloved Pinterest to find styles I liked, but they don’t have the store in Canada. Also, when I watch YouTube videos of beauty vloggers, they often have makeup that I want to try, but again, not available in Canada. When this happens, I often find myself saying, “Why doesn’t Canada have one? Or Why doesn’t Canada sell that?” Of course, I can buy the products online, but then it costs an arm and a leg for the shipping, and a lot of the time, the shipping is more than the product itself and therefore not worth it. Additionally, if the website doesn’t have a Canadian/International website with CAD dollars, and I find something that I want, but later find out it’s way more because of the exchange rate.

When my family and I went to London last year and shopped on Oxford Street, we went to Primark. I absolutely loved Primark and bought quite a bit of clothing and other knick knacks. I wondered why Canada didn’t have one yet. Same goes for a lot of other stores that are American or Asian, particularly Daiso Japan (a Japanese dollar store). Now, Canada does have one of these in BC, but even that requires a plane ride to get there. I am excited for Nordstrom to open, even though the clothes are more expensive than I would probably want to spend, at least some stores are making there way over to Canada.

It’s not just clothing stores though, there are numerous restaurants and food chains that I wish were here. For example, Johnny Rockets used to be here, but they have closed down their restaurants that I used to frequent to get my beloved Rocket Single.



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