Sound Wave Art

My sound wave art

As I’ve said in previous posts, I love to get creative for Christmas. C and I usually buy gifts for M and D together, and we wanted to do something that’s different from clothing or electronics. One of my favourite gifts that C and I have gotten for M and D is a Sound Wave Art print from each of us. I’ve always thought sound wave art was cool, we looked at different websites and we landed on Voice Art Gallery. They delivered our prints really fast and had them wrapped up in tubing to protect them from getting ruined.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, sound wave art are when you record a sound and they make a piece of art from the sound waves of your voice or whatever sound you use (like a heartbeat or laughing). Some companies offer jewellery and other things for your sound waves. Voice prints are quite pricey, but we thought it’d be cool to have a sound wave of our voices to our parents. In addition to the canvas, you get a certificate of authenticity and a digital sound recording of the voice art. You can buy them without a frame or with a frame. We chose to buy frames from Crate & Barrel ourselves instead of buying it framed.

To start the process, you choose the colour scheme and the size (framed or not framed). They have four ways on how to receive your recording: record on the site, upload your own, email them or call them. They confirm with you that it’s the correct recording after you’ve ordered and then they start the printing process. C and I chose to get two different prints: one with her voice and one with mine. We decided to get something short and sweet so they are prints of our sound waves saying, “Love You, Mom and Dad.” We recorded them sitting side-by-side so that they would be as similar as possible. We both liked the blue colour schemes- C got hers in Deep Ocean and I got mine in Ice so that we could differentiate the two. Even though our voices can be similar, especially on the phone, I think my voice is a little higher, so the waves of mine are slightly different than C’s. M and D have them displayed on the fireplace in our living room beside our graduation photos.

Voice art prints are great for birthday, Christmas or Father’s/Mother’s Day gifts and you can say whatever you want in them. Some people even make voice art from their wedding vows or baby’s heart beat.




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