My 1st Escape Room: Pandemic – Challenge Accepted

Hi Everyone!

Over the weekend, KH, YH and I went to our very first escape room at Trapped! (118 Dundas St W).trapped

I have to admit I was both excited and nervous about what it would be like and if we would be able to escape. We chose the Pandemic room:

“We had found temporary refuge away from a pack of zombies and had to find the cure that was hidden from a scientist.”

It was a one-room, 45 minute challenge. I was a little creeped out in the beginning because we were in the dark and we only had flashlights and the setting of it was creepy. After we explored the whole room and I knew nothing would jump out at me, I calmed down. For the first 15 minutes we did really well. When we got down to 15 minutes, we decided we should ask for a clue because time was running out and we had been stumped for a while. The girl came in and helped us out. We found some more clues in the last couple of minutes, but didn’t have the time to finish what we started. At the end, she asked if we wanted more time or if she should just run us through what we should’ve done. We decided we probably wouldn’t get it, so we asked her to walk us through it. I think if we had 1-2 more people with us, we would’ve had the time to escape. We were on the right track on figuring it out, but we needed some extra people to work on it with us.

Even though we didn’t escape, it was a lot of fun and I would definitely do one again. I think it would be better with a few more people (but no so many that you’re getting in each other’s way). I would like to try different themes like a prison break or diamond heist one. I look forward to doing one with my family because D got a gift certificate for Christmas from DW (C’s fiancé/my future brother-in-law!). Also, KH wants to do one for her birthday this year.



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