Why Can’t I Like Both? #TeamEveryone

(minor spoilers for Captain America: Civil War- nothing to do with the plot)

KH, YH and I went to go see Captain America: Civil War this weekend. Beforehand, I tried to avoid any spoilers, but with my social media accounts, it was hard to do. Luckily, the only spoilers I managed to hear about were about a motorcycle stunt and Bucky and getting plums. I was relieved that I was able to avoid spoilers for so long until I could go see the movie.

I can understand how people can be Team Iron Man or Team Captain America going into the movie, but I think that, for me, it’s hard to choose a side after watching the movie. As someone who tends to be a mediator,  I can understand both sides. Also, why can’t I be both? Going into the movie, I was Team Cap, after all, it IS a Captain America movie, so you would think that he was the protagonist, even if his opponent is Iron Man. I know a few friends are Team Iron Man, but I think I am still undecided/Team Everyone. As a Libra (indecisive at times) and people pleaser, I can always understand both sides of the argument.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I will say that the motorcycle stunt WAS awesome. I think it was equally as cool, if not cooler than the stunt with the Batcycle/Batpod in The Dark Knight. If you’ve seen The Dark Knight, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I remember I went to see that in theatres with C, and when Batman did the flip, the guy sitting beside me and I both said, “WHOA!!” I didn’t mean to bring a DC universe movie into the conversation, but it just reminded me of that stunt. And yes, I know which superheroes belong in which universe- I might not know the ones from the comics, but I know the ones that are more well-known. For all those wondering, similar to Cap vs. Iron Man, I do not have a preference between Marvel and DC- I like superheroes from both, so don’t ask me to choose. #TeamEveryone


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