Foaming Net for Cleansers- Review

foaming net IMG_20160524_140306.jpg

**The foaming net from Muji is on JenCat’s Beauty Recommendations list!

I just recently bought a foaming net (or beating net/face washing net as it’s called at Muji). Let me say, I absolutely love it!

Although it adds an extra step to washing my face, you use less cleanser than you would if you just put it onto your fingers or a facial cleansing pad. So you put your finger through the hole (the blue thing in the picture is an S hook I use to hang it in the bathroom). You wet it and put a dab of your cleanser onto the net and scrub it together as if you’re cleaning out a stain in a shirt. The cleanser will start to foam as you do this, keep scrubbing until you have the foamy consistency that you want. Here’s a video on YouTube I found on how to use one, it looks slightly different than the one I have, but the idea is the same: How to use a foaming net. I like the fact that they are cheap, they make the cleanser super foamy and you save money on cleansers because you can use less product. You could probably make multiple nets out of a loofah. Just take one apart and then you could have about 10 of them to use.


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