Holika Holika False Lashes- Review

I recently bought some false lashes from Holika Holika (a Korean beauty store). They are more natural looking false lashes than the ones I tried in my first review. I have to say that getting natural ones made such a big difference! The ones I got the first time were super cheap and way too long. The ones I got this time were great- although you couldn’t tell a huge difference with them on, it added volume and a bit of length to my lashes. I don’t have a picture of them on me because you can’t tell there’s a huge difference, but here’s a picture of what they look like in the packaging:


They were $4 and I figured that a Korean store would have lashes that would look better with Asian eyes because I don’t want the super long ones that look fake, but I just want to add a bit of length and volume, which these did. The band size of these lashes were so much more comfortable than the other ones. I think I would prefer the individual lashes or the accent lashes (where you put them at the outer edge of your eye) because I felt the band poking me in the eye even after I cut them to size. I think I will have to cut them a little more so that it doesn’t do this. I have the Shu Uemura lash adhesive from my sister.

So, there is my updated review on false lashes. It’s best to get the lashes that are more suited for your natural lashes. If you’re going for a natural look, the wispy ones are good, but if you’re going for a glam look, then you can get the super long ones to add length to your lashes. I have to say my opinion has greatly changed with the new set of lashes, and although I wouldn’t do it everyday like some people, I would consider getting false lashes for special occasions.

You can find my previous review: Here.

Update: April 21, 2017

Like I said above, the Holika Holika ones don’t really add anything to my lashes. My lashes are full, but not long. So the natural ones pictured above would be good if you want a natural look and have sparse lashes. I’ve tried the Ardell lashes, I went with the Natural Multipack 110 (4 sets). I think if I bought new ones, I’d get the accent ones or one of the glamour styles instead of the natural ones.


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