Too Many Spinoffs and Reboots

Too Many Spinoffs and Reboots

(spoilers for Sex and the City, Prison Break)

The number of spinoffs and reboots these days is ridiculous. Writers are revisiting old shows and creating spinoffs instead of creating original content. Don’t get me wrong, some spinoffs are great and I’m happy that they are doing some reboots, but FOX’s lineup for next season was mostly reboots from what I remember on the list.

24 is getting revamped with new characters since Kiefer Sutherland opted out as Jack Bauer to star in a new show, Prison Break is getting a season five, Gilmore Girls is getting four new episodes, Fuller House is on Netflix. These are just a few of the reboots that are in the works and have already aired.

For some shows, I will watch the reboots for nostalgia and as a chance to forgive some of the writers for where the show originally ended- I’m looking at you, Prison Break. C, M and D didn’t even watch the TV movie for Prison Break because Michael’s death was too upsetting, but maybe now that he’s alive, they will consider watching it. Even if the series reboots end up in a worse place than it ended the first time, nothing can be as bad as the two Sex and the City movies. I can’t believe I actually watched both of them and I haven’t forgiven them for Steve’s cheating, Smith and Samantha breaking up and the whole Carrie and Aidan in Abu Dhabi. C and I saw the two movies together and she recently rewatched one of the films because she couldn’t remember what happened. I told her not to watch it and that she was wasting two hours of her life, but she didn’t listen. Then two hours later said, “Ugh, there’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back!” -_- no kidding…I wonder where I heard that before.

Anyways, onto spinoffs: I first started watching Chicago Fire when it first started and I continue to watch it, along with the two spinoffs, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med. NBC just picked up Chicago Justice for next season and if Dick Wolf’s previous franchise series, Law & Order, is any indication of success, then I’m not so sure Chicago Justice will make it. I’m not familiar with the works of the male actors in the new series, but it stars two actresses that I know of: Joelle Carter (Justified) and Nazneen Contractor (24). I don’t mean to criticize the franchise in any way, but if they plan to do crossovers between all four shows, it will get a bit ridiculous. Similar to Arrow and the spinoffs, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. I started watching both Chicago Fire and Arrow in their first seasons and felt the obligation to try watching the spinoffs because they sometimes crossover shows and I hate to be left in the dark about plots or references they make in the crossovers. To my surprise though, I liked all 4 spinoff series of the two shows, so I had to add the spinoffs to my already long roster of TV shows that I watch.

I guess the long-running success of Law & Order made Dick Wolf decide to start a new show. Law & Order ran for 9 years before they made the first spinoff, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. SVU has been running for 17 seasons and is the last remaining Law & Order series on the air. Next came Law & Order: Criminal Intent which ran for 10 seasons. The other two less successful spinoffs were Law & Order: Trial by Jury and Law & Order: LA- both of these ran for only one season. According to the Law & Order franchise wikipedia page, two more series are in the works. Law & Order: True Crime and Law & Order: You the Jury. True Crime will be an anthology series focused on one case for season one and You the Jury will be a docudrama that will air live and allow viewers to be the jury. Since the plots of these are different from the original franchise, they might do well. As for the rest of the franchise, only 3/5 were successful in getting more than a second season. If this is any indication of what will happen to the Chicago franchise, then Chicago Justice might not do as well considering it is the fourth in the franchise. To me, Justice just seems like a Chicago-based Law & Order. I guess we’ll find out its fate next season. I wish it well, but at the same time hope they don’t do too many crossovers with the other shows like they do with the other three. I’m not sure if I loved the backdoor pilot on Chicago P.D. enough to add it to my list of shows, but we’ll see.

85% of the time I watch an episode from the Chicago franchise, I cry/bawl my eyes out at something sad or sweet and then say, “damn you, Dick Wolf!” I know Dick Wolf isn’t always the writer of the episode, but it’s easier to shout at him than finding out who the writers were for the episode. Most of the time I have to pause the episode to wipe away the tears because I can’t see the screen anymore because I’m crying so much. I just watched the Chicago Fire season finale and as usual, I was reaching for the tissues. So, fair warning, have a box ready when you watch it!


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