My Posh Spice Years

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Hi Everyone!

Last month, articles were popping up about how the Spice Girls filmed the video for ‘Wannabe’ 20 years ago after Ginger Spice posted a throwback picture. If I didn’t already feel old, this definitely made me realize my age. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told my closest friends about this, but C, our two cousins, and I used to do Spice Girls concerts. We would rehearse together and then perform for our parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents in our grandparents’ backyard and living room. We even dressed like them for our ‘concerts.’ I think ‘Stop’ and ‘Spice Up Your Life’ were and still are my favourites. C was Baby Spice, our cousin LW was Sporty Spice, her sister SW was Ginger Spice and I would lip sync the lines for both Posh and Scary Spice. I was more into Posh and as the youngest member of our group, I was easily influenced by her. So I began acting like Posh and for those few years when we would perform, I didn’t smile in pictures, thus leading to what I consider to be my Posh Spice years. There are even multiple pictures where we all posed like our respective Spice Girl. We would also perform as the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, but they weren’t as influential to us…more specifically, to me as the Spice Girls were. We learned the dance moves and the songs and would perform 2-4 songs for our family every now and then. Back in those days, I didn’t understand the lyrics, they were just words to me because I was only 5 or 6. Posh was such an influence to me that I ruined any pictures of our family cruise to the Bahamas. I don’t think M was too pleased with me back in those days, for always pouting or doing a fake smile/smirk for pictures.  A picture of me with a smile in those years was a rarity for me.

During my tween and teen years, I didn’t really follow the Spice Girls, not really listening to their new songs and then once they went their own ways, I didn’t follow news about them. But after watching the TV special in 2007, “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America,” I fell in love with Victoria once again, not realizing how funny she was behind her signature pout. She’s such a good mother to her kids and I love her style. So now I follow her on Instagram, but luckily I’ve grown out of those Posh Spice years and I haven’t picked up the pout/smirk again. Even when I had braces in middle school, I would always smile for the camera, even if my teeth had huge gaps in them as my teeth moved.

Remember, a smile is more attractive than a pout (unless you are Victoria Beckham) and a smile is a thousand times better than a duck face.


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