Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Back in January, after C got engaged, I started looking on Pinterest and bridal designer websites for a bridesmaid dress. I probably looked at each site about 10 times, hoping I might find a dress I had overlooked. The amount of dresses I scrolled through is most likely in the thousands…possibly tens of thousands. Since I am the one and only bridesmaid (Maid of Honour) for the destination wedding, C let me choose whatever dress I wanted in whatever style and colour because she wanted me to choose something I would wear again. Since the destination is an island, I wanted something flirty, and a light and breathable material. So I started looking for blue dresses in chiffon. In the back of my mind, I was sort of looking for other dresses that would work for the reception we would have in Canada. Since the wedding is on an island in the summer time and then the reception in Canada would be in the Winter, I considered getting two dresses because a summery one would look out of place during the winter. I looked at dresses by Vera Wang, Alfred Angelo, Watters, Bill Levkoff, Hayley Paige, Bari Jay, etc.

I absoultely loved some dresses in the pictures online, but sometimes it doesn’t look as good in person as it does in the picture, so C and I went to a local bridal shop to search for dresses. I didn’t think it would be so quick, but since I had been looking for a few months by that time and knew what style I wanted, it was easy to find dresses we both liked. I tried on about 7 dresses at the store and we took pictures to show M and D. I also sent the pics to my friends to get their opinions, but C and I knew which ones we liked. Of course, the sample dresses they had were sizes 10 or bigger, so hopefully the dresses fit well because the consultant has to estimate your size based on your measurements. There’s tons of time between now and the wedding, but I figured it’s better to get it now just in case adjustments need to be made or we need to re-order for whatever reason.

Originally, I hadn’t considered getting a full length dress because of my short stature and the fact that it would be hot on the island. But I tried on a dress that C suggested and we both really liked it on. There was a dress that I liked based on pictures before we went to the shop, and I tried it on and liked it in person. So I decided on choosing the full length dress that C chose for the wedding and a short tea length dress for the reception in Canada. I know what you’re thinking…it would make more sense to wear the long one here and the short one there, but the neckline of the long one is more summery and it’s lightweight. It also works out because my grandma and aunts liked the short dress better than the long one and they won’t be able to attend the wedding, but will be at the reception here. I ended up getting: a full length After Six chiffon dress with a mock neckline in a cobalt blue (style 6704) and a tea-length Alfred Angelo chiffon V-neck dress in viola (style 7359S). The colours of the dresses on the websites don’t accurately represent what the colours look like in person.



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