Down the Rabbit Hole – YouTube Videos

Recently, I’ve gotten into watching YouTube videos and gone down the rabbit hole, spending hours just watching video after video. One minute I’m watching Ellen or another talk shot host, then the 2 hours later, I’m watching soldiers being reunited with their children and thinking how did I get here?

Here are some categories of the types of videos I have found myself watching into the early hours of the morning:

  • proposal videos
  • funny wedding moments
  • wedding games- The Shoe Game
  • choreographed first dance of bride and groom
  • choreographed dance of groom and groomsmen (groomsmen ones are better than bride and bridesmaids in my opinion)
  • pregnancy announcements
  • dad comes home from work and baby’s reactions
  • cute babies and their dads
  • soldiers reuniting with their kids/dogs
  • soldiers meeting their children for the first time
  • soldiers surprising family members after returning from deployment
  • heartwarming international commercials- the Thai ones are tearjerkers
  • movie/tv show cast interviews and panels
  • boyfriend does my makeup tag videos

I’m sure there’s more I can’t think of right now, but those are just a few of the random videos I end up watching. I think the reason I like watching wedding ones is because then you can see what other people’s weddings look like and what the bride and bridesmaid dresses look like. I don’t know why I watch some of the other videos, sometimes they make me cry.


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