Dear Writers, You’re Breaking My Heart

Dear TV show writers,

You’re all breaking my heart this season…you don’t need to be like George R.R. Martin and kill off every beloved character. This season, tv show writers have been particularly bloodthirsty, killing off characters. Now I know that some of the deaths aren’t the writers’ decisions. Sometimes the actor/actress decides that they want to pursue other projects and leave the show, but this season has been riddled with heartbreak for tv show characters. I guess heartbreak is a good thing because that means the writers and the actor/actress is writing and portraying the character so well that you can’t help but feel something when they’re gone.

(no spoilers)

I know it’s bad to get emotionally invested in the FICTIONAL characters of a tv show, but I just can’t help it. I have about 30-40 shows on my roster between fall, midseason and summer shows. I will keep it general so that friends and family that aren’t caught up on shows won’t yell at me for spoiling anything. For this post, I won’t specify which shows I watch to my readers so that their shows won’t be spoiled either.

The 2015-2016 season has been riddled with deaths. Again, I know it’s ridiculous to get invested in the lives of tv characters, but I’ve been watching the shows and ‘experienced’ the ups and downs of their lives for a few years/seasons. I remember in film studies class, we talked about how watching a show was like being in a relationship, you see them everyday for a few hours (if you’re binge-watching shows) or once a week, you get emotionally invested; you laugh, cry, fight (shout at the screen when something you don’t like happens). It can be heartbreaking to say goodbye to characters on a show, especially if they were a favourite. On the other hand, some shows kill off characters, but then find a way to bring them back again and again. So when a permanent death happens, no one believes it. Similarly, there are the shows that don’t kill any characters off and then it’s not as suspensful when a character’s life is in the balance.

Sometimes I don’t even cry at the character’s actual death scene, but rather I cry at the reaction to the death by one of their family members or loved ones (because the actor’s emotions are so powerful that I can’t help but cry for them).


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