Romper Style

Ikat Print Cami Romper from F21, floppy hat from H&M

I finally found two rompers that fit some of my criteria. They were from Forever21, I can’t seem to find the second one I bought, but it was black with beige polka dots (I’ll post a pic on my Instagram at some point). The one pictured above is the Ikat Print Cami Romper in black/gray. It’s a surplice romper that has a snap and elastic waist band.

I had certain criteria for the type of romper I was looking for:

  • not just plain black (I have way too much black in my closet, and the trip later this year will require lighter coloured clothing because of the heat)
  • flowy material that’s light
  • easy to take on and off when using the bathroom
  • covers underbutt- where your legs and butt meet (I don’t want my underwear or butt showing…save the cheeky clothing for the bedroom, ladies- seeing underbutt in public is not attractive even if you have a nice butt)

I also bought three other Forever21 rompers, but they were too short, too hard to take off and/or too slouchy (making me look bigger than I am). The search continues for a coloured romper and one more dress to finish my summer style for the trip because the two rompers I bought are black with patterns, but I can wear these when I go out with friends.





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