Potato Chip Alternatives

In an effort to eat ‘healthier,’ I’ve been trying veggie chips and straws/sticks. They can be just as addictive as chips and they are healthier for you. I’ve read articles saying they aren’t that much healthier than regular potato chips, and that they even lack some of the things potato chips provide, but they do have more fibre as they claim.

999999-82951530137.jpgI’ve tried the Sensible Portions sea salt veggie chips and straws which are pretty good (not a huge fan of the green spinach ones, even though I don’t mind eating spinach). I’ve had Beanitos which have a lot of fibre (tried the Simply Pinto bean and the Original Black bean). Those are good with some salsa, but they’re good on their own too. Recently, I tried the Hi I’m Skinny sticks- Quinoa and Sweet potato. The ancient grain sea salt quinoa sticks taste like sun chips to me (sun chips are one of my faves).

I’m not really sure if veggie chips are the healthier option, but eating both veggie or potato chips in moderation is okay once in a while. Most of the time, the veggie chips/straws are more expensive because they are gluten-free or vegan, which makes it more tempting to cave and get the 3 bags of chips for $5/$6. With C’s wedding later this year, M, D and I want to lose some weight and tone ourselves for the wedding, so a bag of chips every once and a while is okay, but we need to resist the temptation of the 3 for $5 deals.


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